Wednesday, 2 September 2009


Tempsford is a village in the English county of Bedfordshire.
Gannock Castle Ruins

The village is split by the A1 Great North Road and is located just before the junction with the A428 at the Black Cat Roundabout. To the east of the village is the site of the former RAF Tempsford airfield.
In 916, 917 or 918 Guthrum II, the last Viking king of East Anglia, was defeated and killed in Tempsford when his camp was stormed by Edward, king of Wessex, and his sister Athefleda, overlord of Mercia by her marriage to its ealdorman, in their sustained counter-attack into Viking territory. In 921, the Danes, sailing up the river Ouse, had a battle in Tempsford, where Gannock Castle was later built

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